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About the company

OJSC BRESTMASH will justify your choice!

   Brest Engineering Works produces reliable equipment for modern manufacture and allows considerably sparing the funds of enterprises.
   What links such different enterprises as ATLANT, VITYAZ, meat processing and packing factories in Minsk and Volkovysk, Brest Dairy SAVUSHKIN PRODUKT, SANTA-BREMOR, BRESTGAZOAPPARAT, the Russian company Wimm-Bill-Dann, and a number of others? All of them are partners of OJSC BRESTMASH, Belarus' leading manufacturer of processing equipment and spare parts for a number of sectors. Why do manufacturers set their choice on products of BRESTMASH when selecting a supplier of equipment? It is easy to understand: European quality for Belarusian prices. Moreover, Brest Engineering Works has great possibilities to manufacture so called nonstock products for individual customers. For example, the works has recently mastered the manufacture of stainless steel containers, metal structures for sports facilities, such as SLAVIANSKI BAZAR in Vitebsk, MINSK-ARENA in Minsk, sports complex VICTORIA and Water Sports Palace in Brest and many other sports and economic objects in various cities of Belarus; components (oven door hinge, spit, filter, foamed polystyrene packing, etc.) for gas and electrical stoves; components (top grates) for the manufacture of gas stoves at enterprises of Russia and Ukraine. The enterprise strives to maximally take into account all wishes and suggestions of customers both in the matters of articles design improvement and in the matters of deliveries. And we are always ready to assimilate new markets and create highly competitive products.
   BRESTMASH specialises in manufacturing equipment for the dairy and meat industry. Nowadays, many dairies in Belarus, Russia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other CIS countries actively rebuild and modernise their production facilities. By replacing the obsolete equipment with that made by BRESTMASH, one can get a number of advantages: BRESTMASH accompanies all of its products with balancing and commissioning works. Warranty repairs are performed within the shortest time. Spare parts are relatively inexpensive. The quality of Brest equipment is irreproachable. More than that, foreign colleagues have showed thorough interest in BRESTMASH equipment during the recent exhibitions.
  The reliability of BRESTMASH as a business partner has been highly esteemed abroad, which is confirmed by the stable growth of exports, mainly towards Russia. The Russian Poultry Farming Research Institute, whose specialists consider the Belarusian equipment to be among the best in the CIS, has become dealer of Brest Engineering Works.