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Food processing

One of the key fields of activity of OJSC BRESTMASH is delivery of efficient equipment for various sectors of food industry. OJSC BRESTMASH proposes to provide the production with capacitive equipment.


Weighing equipment

OJSC BRESTMASH has been in the market of truck scales for over 5 years. As a result of work experience gained, the most reliable, durable electronic components of the world's leading manufacturers.


Stove components

OJSC BRESTMASH is the main manufacturer of a number of components for gas and electric stoves in CIS countries.


Metal structures

OJSC BRESTMASH has been producing metal structures for constructions for over 5 years. The works has been manufacturing nodal elements in the form of a hollow ball.


Products update


Preparation saw

The saw is designed for dividing cooled
trunks of dressed poultry into semi-trunks when producing semi-finished products from
poultry. Here you can see advantages of the improved saw. Read more


Dosing filler -2000

The filler is designed for filling sausage casings in the production of boiled, cooked and smoked sausages, summer sausages, and dried sausages at meat processing enterprises.
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Corporate newspaper of OJSC BRESTMASH No. 8 (59) September 2011.

Dear machine builders - workers of OJSC BRESTMASH, our colleagues and partners! With all my heart I am sending you my best wishes on occasion of the coming professional feast! Machine building plays a leading role in the country's social-economic development and is by right considered the foundation of the national industry. The progress of the machine-building complex define in many aspects the level of the society's development and the growth of the citizens' welfare. Of course, the financial-economic difficulties of the current year have made an impact on BRESTMASH's activity, but the enterprise does its best to overcome them.
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JSC "Brestmash" announces the sale of finished goods from the warehouse. Semi-automatic rissole maker  (2-), machine for casing processing  (2-), preparation saw (), centrifugal cleaner of hair-covered by-products  (2-), centrifugal cleaner of mucous by-products (2-), mobile complex "VELES" etc. - at discount prices!

For more information, please call our sales manager or e-mail. For information on customs laws, use the resource of the State Customs Committee