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of the Open Joint Stock Company BRESTMASH in the field of quality

   The main goal in the field of quality is the output of competitive, safe products meeting the requests of customers along with high quality of performance, affordable prices, minimal material and energy input, and within the fixed times, with the use of profit gained for the production development and improvement of social conditions and material welfare of workers.
   The ways to achieve the objective set:

  • marketing research of the consumer demand and markets for an increased delivery volume;
  • selection of suppliers of raw materials and components which manufacture products meeting the requirements, fulfil their contractual obligations in proper time and at mutually beneficial prices;
  • development and launching of at least one promising product per year;
  • certification and sanitary regulation of at least 80% of products manufactured according to specifications;
  • purposeful industrial training of workers and professional retraining of engineers with the use of management methods according to STB ISO 9001-2009;
  • increasing the efficiency of QMS processes.
      In conducting such policy, the organisation's direction assumes the responsibility for achieving the objective set by means of necessary resources and by creating conditions for high-quality creative work and obliges each employee to participate in this activity.