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Weighing equipment

OJSC BRESTMASH has been in the market of truck scales for over 5 years. As a result of work experience gained, the most reliable, durable electronic components of the world's leading manufacturers are used as components of BAC scales: tensometric sensors made by (Germany), diskette reading device WE 2110 made by (Germany), terminal box VKK2-8 made by (Germany); the set may also include a computer with a printer.
The sensors we use have an average service life of 8 years without replacement on the scales.
The computer software allows receiving at any time information on the goods type, weight, time of weighing, truck registration number, driver's name for any time period from 1 hour to 1 year, and carrying out analysis for any time period (hour, day, month, etc.)

When supplying scales, OJSC BRESTMASH offers the following list of services: elaboration and submission of a building task for foundations, designer's inspection of the embedded items mounting, scales manufacture, delivery, personnel training, warranty service, and (optionally) adjustment, calibration and primary verification of scaled with participation of a verification officer, out-of-warranty service and repairs.