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Metal structures

OJSC BRESTMASH has been producing metal structures for constructions for over 5 years. The works has been manufacturing nodal elements in the form of a hollow ball since 2005 (designed by V.I. Dragan, a professor of Brest Technical University). The following objects have been erected since with the use of such structures:

Bridge over the Mukhavets River in Brest
The BrGTU system
nodal element
Green Theatre in the city
park of Brest
Vitebsk amphitheatre

sports stadium
Sports palace VICTORIA
in Brest
Waste Processing Plant
in Brest
Water Sports Palace
in Brest.

The BrGTU system nodal element is a hollow sphere with openings in which high-strength bolts with heads inside the sphere are inserted. This element is used for connecting rod elements (circular section tubes) thus forming a voluminous metal structure. The rod element transfers the longitudinal compressive force to the nodal element via a power nut and an external washer and the stretching force via the head of a high-strength bolt and the internal thread.