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Corporate newspaper of OJSC BRESTMASH No. 5 (56) July 2011.

The Economist's Day was introduced by Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 157 in March 1998. It was on 30 June, 90 years ago, that an economic management body - the state planning commission, which later became the Gosplan of the BSSR. Such was the beginning of formation of the system of state management bodies of the republic's economy. The main functions of the economic service have remained unchanged ever since...
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Corporate newspaper of OJSC BRESTMASH No. 6 (57) July 2011.

The associate professor Yury Pliuschev, deputy director general for production, has named the weak links in the chain of the works' mechanism.
The situation with orders remains quite unhappy. The plan for July has been formed; there are not yet enough orders for August. But we are full of hopes to get an order for building the dome of the building of the museum of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk. Today, we have a project of the dome. If the project is approved of, we will agree with the customer on the times of delivery of this object as well as the price for it.
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Corporate newspaper of OJSC BRESTMASH No. 7 (58) August 2011

Some time ago, the planners and organisers of the feast "Harvest 2011" in Molodechno argued about where to conduct the main events. The balance swayed in favour of the summer amphitheatre located in the park next to the artificial pond to be. It is designed for three thousand seats. This is half of what the Vitebsk amphitheatre of the SLAVIANSKI BAZAR can hold. The new building work will be "tested" during the Molodechno National Song and Poetry Festival on 26-28 August.
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Corporate newspaper of OJSC BRESTMASH No. 8 (59) September 2011.

Dear machine builders - workers of OJSC BRESTMASH, our colleagues and partners! With all my heart I am sending you my best wishes on occasion of the coming professional feast! Machine building plays a leading role in the country's social-economic development and is by right considered the foundation of the national industry. The progress of the machine-building complex define in many aspects the level of the society's development and the growth of the citizens' welfare. Of course, the financial-economic difficulties of the current year have made an impact on BRESTMASH's activity, but the enterprise does its best to overcome them.
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